About Us


At Walden Animal Clinic, our veterinarians and caring staff provide comprehensive medical services for pets in Walden, NY, and surrounding areas. We offer wellness care, illness treatment, surgery, and veterinary pet daycare to keep your furry companions happy and healthy. A vet near you is here to help.

Meet Veterinarian Dr. Stephen Kelly

Dr. Stephen Kelly has been passionately practicing veterinary medicine for almost 30 years. He purchased Walden Animal Clinic in 1996 after completing his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Cornell University.

Outside work, Dr. Kelly enjoys spending time on his farm with his family, caring for his cattle, and relaxing with his two dogs, Roscoe and Beauregard Soufflé. With decades of experience and advanced training, Dr. Kelly provides quality vet care for the pets of Walden, NY.

Pet Care

At our clinic, your pets will receive:

●             Wellness exams, vaccines, and preventative care

●             Treatment for illnesses, infections, and injuries

●             General surgery and spay/neuter procedures

●             Dental cleanings and oral health services

●             Diagnostic testing

●             Pain management and therapeutic laser treatments

●             Boarding and veterinary pet daycare services

We have different tools to accurately diagnose and treat whatever is affecting your pet's health and wellbeing. Our onsite surgery suite allows us to conveniently perform spays, neuters, mass removals, and more from a vet near you.

A Caring Pet Care Environment

Our vet clinic near you aims to make every visit comfortable for you and your pets. We take time to listen and address all of your concerns and our veterinary daycare and boarding provides attentive care when you can't be there. Pets are part of the family and we will help each one get the expertise they need.

Get Pet Care and Veterinary Pet Daycare from a Vet Near You at a Vet Clinic Near You

Call us at (845) 778-7343 to schedule an appointment to be seen by our vet or for a daycare stay. Don’t let your pet’s health suffer when we at Walden Animal Clinic in Walden, NY, are here to help. Contact us for veterinary pet daycare and pet care from a vet near you at a veterinary clinic near you.


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