Cold Laser Therapy

We’re sure you’ve heard about cold laser therapy and the advances it is having in the pet world. What is it though? Well, it is an FDA approves cold laser process with the purpose to aid in treating chronic and acute pain by reducing pain and inflammation. More and more studies are discovering this low-level laser therapy benefiting the animal world, and they could not oppose the results. Many clinics wanting to be up to date on the latest technology have jumped on board offering this specialized service. Our staffs at The Walden Animal Clinic are proudly one of them.

Cold Laser Therapy

How Cold Laser Therapy Works in your Pet

Designed for pets that are and dealing with chronic pain from injury, surgery, or arthritis. A veterinarian will conduct a complete exam to make sure no underlying conditions may be the cause. They create a treatment plan afterward to figure out how many sessions they will need, and for how long. It is more than likely treatment will start out twice a week, and then taper off less and less as the signs of the treatment show improvement. They need no other special preparations. No sedation. No shaving, nothing. As the laser specialist begins some form of eye protection will be applied on your pet at first, as they apply a laser wand to the needed area. The laser then penetrates through the fur and skin into the damaged tissue area.

The Joyful Results

As many veterinarians incorporate cold laser therapy in their practices more and more this laser therapy is showing to be very effective not just for pain and inflammation, but for healing wounds. This is because of the laser is also triggering the body’s own self-healing attributes. Not just a temporary treatment the results are long-lasting and effective. The results are just the beginning of why cold therapy is on the rise. The benefits just top it off.

Some benefits many pet owners enjoy are:

    • Requires no intensive surgery
    • No anesthesia needed
    • No worries of side effects.
    • No shaving needed

Have you encountered the option for cold laser therapy for your pet? Want to know more about it? At the Walden Animal Clinic, we can guide you. We are trained to handle every stage of your pet’s life from pups to seniors. We are here to serve the Walden area. Stop by or call us at (845) 778-7343 to confer with one of our well-trained vets how this therapy can help you and your pet today.


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