Dog Boarding

Are you going to be traveling? Or are you having your house renovated? In these kinds of situations, your dog may need to stay elsewhere temporarily. This might make you nervous — but the right pet boarding place can ease your mind!

Pet Boarding

Do you need to find dog boarding near you? At Walden Animal Clinic, our dog hotel offers the perfect vacation for your pet! Our veterinarian in Walden, NY, can make sure your pet receives great care.

Do Boarding Places Require Vaccinations?

Yes! For your pet’s safety, we do need all dogs who board with us to be up-to-date on certain vaccines, including the following:

•             Rabies

•             Distemper

•             Influenza

•             Kennel cough

This requirement helps keep all pets safe at our dog boarding facility. We can update these shots for your pet if needed before you drop them off.

Note that you’ll also need to bring a negative stool sample. This helps reduce the risk of parasite problems at our facility.

What Kinds of Accommodations Are Available?

This varies from one facility to the next. At our hotel, you can book an individual room for your pet for more privacy and quiet. We also have standard kennels for dogs to stay in.

Do Dogs Get Walks?

Being able to burn off energy can help your pet feel more at ease during their stay. And all dogs need to go out in order to urinate and defecate. We offer four to five outings per day with a handler for your dog.

What If There’s an Emergency?

Having your dog stay somewhere with an on-site vet gives you peace of mind. Our veterinarian can treat injuries or illnesses if any occur during your pet’s stay with us. We’ll also get in touch with you right away to discuss your pet’s condition.

What Should I Bring to the Boarding Facility?

That depends on what your dog will need in order to be comfortable. Items to ask about bringing include the following:

•             Toys to help keep your pet occupied

•             Blankets

•             Dog food from home that they’re used to eating

Find Pet Boarding in Walden, NY

Are you looking for a dog hotel or dog boarding near you? We’re here to help! Call (845) 778-7343 to arrange dog boarding at Walden Animal Clinic. We have a veterinarian on site to provide care as needed. We also offer dog daycare services for your pup!


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